Carbon Dioxide: Friend or Foe?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ve probably heard something about Carbon Dioxide (CO2). In recent years it has increasingly become something of a bogeyman in the mainstream media, synonymous with pollution and negative human impacts on the planet. ‘Low carbon’ technologies on the other hand, are routinely hailed as a glittering path to a utopian future. In contrast, climate sceptics have repeatedly espoused CO2 as everything from a benign and perfectly natural component of the atmosphere to a vital pillar of global agriculture and natural ecosystems which can only benefit society in the future. Continue reading “Carbon Dioxide: Friend or Foe?”

What Drives Climate Change? – Forcings and Feedbacks

One thing which both climate scientists and climate sceptics can agree on is that the climate has changed in the past and that changes in climate can be natural. However, that climate change has occurred in the past does not mean that current climate change is natural. That assertion is equivalent to pointing to the existence of lung cancer before the discovery of tobacco as evidence that smoking can’t possibly cause lung cancer. Nonetheless understanding how and why the climate has changed in the past is important to understanding how and why it is changing now. Continue reading “What Drives Climate Change? – Forcings and Feedbacks”